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Partner with Tremé for Tremé for their 2024 - 2025 Concert Series:

Treme 4 Treme (T4T) with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) will present a music series celebrating the rich musical history of Tremé and its influences. 

About The Series

Free people of color in New Orleans are credited with establishing the Philharmonic Society. This historical and cultural music series will be a two night musical celebration and tribute to the free people of color who established La Société Philharmonique de Tremé, as well as a Symphonic Anthology (1950s - 1970s) celebrating the great African American singers, songwriters and composers. 


This musical series is being curated by New Orleans' own, 3 time Billboard Chart topping recording artist and producer Deepa Soul leader 0f the Love Soul Orchestra.

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