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Treme 4 Treme, also doing business as Treme For Treme and T4T, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and serves as an umbrella organization of Treme residents, businesses, community-based non-profit organizations and community leaders with a long history of working in social services, community and economic development, and culture in the greater Treme neighborhood.

At the heart of efforts by T4T are four (4) simple goals: to maintain its indigenous population; keep the music and street culture of Treme alive; foster community and sustainable economic development; and to do those things in the great spirit of joy and celebration which is native to New Orleans and began in Treme.


T4T aim is to create a state referred to as resilient autonomy, which is a community that is self-directed and capable of constantly renewing itself in a healthy, sustainable way. The path to resilient autonomy is through neighborhood-based, place-based and asset-based community and economic development.

T4T welcomes anyone with a serious interest in the future of the Treme community and a willingness to create that future, especially those who live, work, play, or worship in the greater Treme neighborhood.

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