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T4T & The LPO Partner!

Tremé 4 Tremé (T4T) partners with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) in a music series celebrating the rich musical history of Tremé. 

Free people of color in New Orleans is credited with establishing the Philharmonic Society. 

About The Historical & Cultural Series

This historical and cultural series will be a musical dedication to the free people of color who established La Societé Philharmonique in Tremé. T4T and the LPO will present a tribute to composers of that time period.


Tremé is the oldest settlement of free people of color in the United States.  The series will raise awareness of their contributions through a musical narrative featuring some of New Orleans most prominent musicians, vocalists and other prominent musicians and vocalist who are inspired by New Orleans music and culture.  

In addition to paying tribute to Treme's founding members of La Societé Philharmonique, T4T and the LPO will present  the Black Music Series - A Symphonic Anthology (1950's - 1970's). This will be an evening of music paying tribute to black composers and performers who were responsible for creating some of the most prolific symphonic master pieces in modern music. The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra will play these pieces live on stage with 

Deepa Soul & The Love Soul Orchestra. 

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